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New varieties that are resistant to mildew and powdery mildew, have arrived since 2018.

Muscaris FR 400 / Binova

What do we mean by resistance?

This term in no way translates to zero fungal treatment. The “resistance” of a variety implies the presence of one or more genes of resistance to the parasite which will allow a defense reaction of the vine. Depending on the nature of the gene(s) present, this reaction will result in a more or less reduced visual presence, or even sometimes an absence, of symptoms.


These “resistant” varieties will require, to avoid the risk of bypassing, phyto-sanitary support, namely 1 to 2 treatments carefully placed around the flowering and / or at the end of the season depending on the parasite pressure.

Since 2017, 12 resistant varieties, resulting from programs carried out in neighboring countries, have now been definitively classified in the national catalog.

These are Bronner B, Cabernet Blanc B, Cabernet Cortis N, Johanniter B, Monarch N, Muscaris B , Pinotin N, Prior N, Saphira B, Solaris B, Soreli B, Souvignier Gris

French innovation is not to be outdone, since 4 varieties from INRA's RESDUR programs were registered and classified in 2018. From now on, it is important to familiarize ourselves with the names: Artaban N , Floréal B , Vidoc N , Voltis B.

(Voltis - more information)

Other varieties will appear within 3 or 4 years. We are constantly on the lookout for this surge of innovation which is accelerating, it is the heart of our business… these new varieties will be a response to the elimination of many molecules of phyto-pharmaceutical products.

> From 2020, we will be able to offer you vines from our own nursery.

Please note, the buds will be available in limited quantities untill 2021 !

After, our own mother-block will start producing buds.

> Find the new varieties recently registered on:

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