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La machine à planter mécanique guidée au GPS permet de planter des plants avec des racines de 10 à 15 cm. Ils gardent toutes les réserves acquises en pépinières. Vitesse d'avancement 2 ha / jour.

Mechanical planting

Our GPS-guided machine allows planting with roots from 5 to 10 cm.

They keep all the reserves acquired in nurseries.

Speed of advancement 2 ha / day = 5 acres / day.

Plantation - Machine GPS

Plantation - Machine GPS

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An advantageous method for you ...

Planting is done with long roots:

  • No preparation or distribution of vines

  • No more picking to do, a few reference points to mark the outlines of the field and the first row are sufficient.

  • Even more precise planting thanks to GPS guidance.

... and for the vine

The vines keep all the reserves acquired in nurseries:

  • They start faster.

  • The hairy root is more important.

Therefore :

  • Better resistance to drought.

  • A significantly higher recovery rate

> Planting with long roots helps to keep the benefit of mycorrhization .

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