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Our company produces the entirety of rootstocks and a large part of the buds, either in our fields, either in partnership with neighboring winemakers.

Les plants de vigne en attente d'être plantées dans les pépinières

Nouvelles variétés


Les nouvelles variétés résistantes au mildiou et à l’oïdium.

High grafted


For your replacement vines, we also graft vines of 65 cm.

Our online shop

Online sales for privates.

Please contact us using our contact form for any other request.

New clonal selections

ENTAV exploits the natural diversity of grape varieties, selects and studies the best strains before distribution and classification.

Buds and Rootstocks

We produce our rootstocks and a large part of our buds.

Traditionnal Varieties

Here you will find our non-exhaustive list of different varieties that we graft.

National Vineyard Declining Plan

The goal : to master the production of qualitive vines to ensure the durability of the vineyards.

Certified and qualitative


Our nursery provides a wide range of certified plants.

Collective Nursery Brand

Nursery Tourette is committing to a new quality label !

Our team is at your disposal to assist you in your planting projects or for replacement vines, we invite you to :

  • fill out the form alongside

  • contact us by phone at 0033 475 37 71 03

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