As part of the fight against Flavescence Dorée, we have equipped ourselves with a hot water treatment machine.

Thanks to our hot water treatment machine, we can treat vines or grafts and rootstocks that do not come from zones free from grapevine flavescence dorée (previous mention 'ZPd4') and guarantee you an optimal sanitary condition regarding this disease.

This treatment comes in addition to the surveys that we carry out each year on all of our plots of grapevine vines as well as around our mother-blocks : since 2017, 100% of our mother vines are prospected !

During these surveys, we are accompanied by plant protection services (SRAL) and FREDON (FREDON-RA, Regional Federation of Defense against Harmful Organisms in Rhône-Alpes).

In 2017, it was 150 days of prospecting that were completed by the professionals of Drôme-Ardèche and that allow to detect outbreaks of Flavescence dorée as soon as possible, in order to eradicate them before they contaminate the neighboring vineyards.

> The treatment with hot water is not without consequences on the plant material (50 ° C, 45 min): delay in bud burst, greater losses, cost of treatment ...; it is for this reasons that we favor the prospection of our mother blocks and the surrounding areas and reserve this treatment for cases of proven risks. 

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