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The solution for all your replacement vines: grafted at 65cm (= 25,5 Inch)

Parcelle de plants longs

Traditionnal vine

High grafted vine

First wire at 55cm


​Opting for high grafted vines is ensuring the recovery of your replacements and, thus, perpetuate your parcels of old vines.

These vines are grafted to 65 cm / 25.5 Inch rootstocks, in contrast to conventional vine plants (30 cm / 12 Inch). During planting, the grafts are 10 to 20 cm under the first wire.

> On order, we can graft high vines from 40 to 90 cm.


  • No more formation pruning, you gain one or two years of harvest if they are planted with long roots

  • No more plastic protections needed for chemical weeding

  • Rabbits can’t eat the young shoots anymore

  • No more vine shoots at the base for the entire life of the plant

  • The buds can’t make roots if they have been planted too close to the ground.

  • The absence of pruning wounds prevents the development of wood diseases.

In case of a large order, please reserve your high grafted vines 18 months in advance.

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