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Mixture of 5 table grape vines from the varieties below (proportion according to the stock - at least one plant of each variety).

These varieties ripen at different times of the season (from mid-August to early October *) to allow you to harvest grapes throughout the season:



Its clusters are medium, cylindrical and loose. As for the berries, they are spherical, medium to small, light green in color with a thin, resistant skin and a juicy, tender flesh. The skin is fine, the pulp is soft and juicy and the flavor is very pleasant.

Maturity: mid-August



The Hamburg Muscat produces black bunches and medium-sized grains, the skin of the grapes is very thin with a very pronounced musky flavor

Maturity: end of August



Seedless white grain, very appreciated with the pronounced taste of muscat, juicy and crunchy flesh.

Maturity: September



Rather large, cylindrical to conical, rather loose, winged racemes. Berries large, elliptical, white-yellow to amber yellow. Thick skin covered with white bloom. Fleshy, crunchy pulp with a slightly muscat flavor.

Maturity: October


* In Ardèche

Table grape - set of 5 vines

VAT Included
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